Metal Shear Blades


The Cutting Edge Grinding & Supply Co. sells only the finest metal shear blades from top manufacturers. CB manufacturing, Alliance Knife, Hamilton Knife, and International Knife & Saw These shear blades are made of the highest quality materials to precise OEM specifications. With different alloys and grades of material we can provide you with the exact metal cutting shear knives to fit your application. You may be pleasantly surprised at our low prices on replacement metal cutting shear blades.

We specialize in selling Cincinnati Shear Blades and all Cincinnati - style shear blades at discounted prices as well as Niagara, Promecam, Lodge & Shipley, Dreis & Krump, HTC, Accurpress and many more.

Cincinnati Shear Blades and Cincinnati - style shear blades are most likely to be in stock because they are the most common type of shear blades around. They have 53° countersunk holes that are on 8" centers.

All shear blades are available in High Carbon High Chrome Steel (HCHC) or Shock Grade Steel.

HCHC Steel (D2) Provides the highest degree of wear resistance and is suitable for cutting up to 3/8" mild steel and 1/8" stainless steel on hydraulic shears and up to 1/4" mild steel on mechanical shears. When cutting stainless steel, it is recommended to shear no more than 50% of the machine's rated cutting capacity.

Shock Grade Steel (Modified A8) provides the highest degree of toughness, suitable for cutting mild steel up to 1". This shock grade material reduces the chance of the blades chipping when shearing thicker and/or harder materials. Again, when cutting stainless steel it is recommended you shear no more than 50% of the machine's rated cutting capacity.

Just call and we'll fix you up with the shear blades that you need for your specific requirements.

The Cutting Edge Grinding & Supply Co. also sharpens metal shear blades up to 200" long, Please call for pricing and pick-up and delivery information for sharpening metal shear blades. We pride ourselves on quality shear blade sharpening and quick turnaround. It is always nice to have a back-up set of shear blades for your shear, but we understand is not always financially feasible. Therefore, we can schedule your sharpening ahead of time and have the blades back on a truck the next day, if necessary, to get you back into production as soon as possible.

The following is a list of models we provide replacement shear knives for to name a few:

  • Accurpress
  • National
  • Amada
  • Niagara
  • American Hercules
  • Pacific
  • Atlantic
  • Pearson
  • Bosco
  • Pexto
  • Betenbender
  • Promecam
  • Century
  • Pullmax
  • Cincinnati
  • Red Bud Industries
  • Cleveland Crane
  • Rockwell Australia
  • Di-Acro-Elga Hydra Shear
  • Rouselle
  • Dreis & Krump
  • Spartanics
  • Edwards
  • Standard
  • Famco
  • Steelweld
  • HTC
  • Summit
  • Henry Corp
  • Tennsmith
  • Herr - Voss
  • Warner & Swasey
  • Hydra Power
  • Weir Corp
  • Lodge & Shipley
  • Welty-Way / Iowa Precision
  • Murata Weideman
  • Wysong & Miles

When inquiring about replacement metal shear blades, please have the dimensions of the shear blades, make and model numbers as well as cutting application available to help us quickly serve you better.

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